Male Tune-up for ED

At Regenesis we offer the P-Shot and other services for male sexual health. We recommend the following protocol in five parts to our patients with ED (Regenesis Male Tune-Up):

  1. Six (6) Shockwave treatments spaced out approximately once per week, taking about 30 minutes per treatment. This treatment delivers high-frequency acoustic soundwaves to break up plaque formation in penis blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new micro-blood vessels in the penis. Men with mild to moderate ED experience increased blood flow which often helps sexual performance.
  2. Between the 1st and 2nd Shockwave treatments, we recommend the first of three PRP injections to support the goals of the shockwave treatment and further improve the physical causes of ED. We recommend a second PRP injection between Shockwave treatments 4 and 5 and the final PRP injection following Shockwave treatment 6.

    The PRP we inject is processed here in our lab. We draw and process a patient’s blood so that the platelet-rich plasma (PRP)we inject has a concentration of 5 to 10 times the number of platelets found in a patient’s blood draw. Rather than estimating platelet counts as is typical of virtually all providers offering “PRP” treatments, we count platelets using sophisticated and expensive lab equipment to measure our platelet concentrations. Attaining a high platelet concentration is important since it is the platelets in the plasma reinjected into patients that fosters healing.

    With PRP, concentrated platelets release growth factors over approximately a week following injection. We typically only need to draw blood once to accomplish the three PRP injections. After processing, we freeze (-45F) PRP until needed. This freeze-thaw cycle benefits the efficacy of PRP by creating platelet lysate (PL). PL consists of a high percentage of platelets fractured by the freeze-thaw cycle, which results in the immediate rather than extended release of growth factors following injections of previously frozen PRP.

    Our Chief Medical Officer is a board-certified Anesthesiologist with decades of experience in cardiothoracic anesthesia and general anesthesia. He also has seven years of specialized training and experience in Orthobiologic interventions such as PRP, PL, and Stem Cell injections. We perform thousands of such injections each year. We are a national leader in the field of regenerative medicine and Orthobiologics.

    Given our background in Anesthesia and our dislike of pain, we take extra steps to keep our clients comfortable during procedures. Most men are a bit uneasy regarding the idea of PRP injections in the penis. Therefore, we take care to ensure that our clients are comfortable with returning for their second and third injections.

  3. We recommend six EMsella Chair treatments, two per week for three weeks. These treatments take about 30 minutes and run concurrently with the PRP and Shockwave treatments. The EMsella Chair delivers electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) to the musculature of your pelvic floor. These pulses help restore your neuro-muscular control, which can help prevent incontinence. Importantly for ED, the EMsella Chair strengthens and tones voluntary and involuntary muscles in your pelvic floor by eliciting 11,000 supramaximal contractions per minute – many more and far deeper Kegels than you could do on your own. Of note, EMsella is not appropriate for patients with metal implants.

  4. We augment Shockwave, EMsella, and PRP with a daily supplement of Nitric Oxide (N-O). This supplement is in the form of two capsules taken once per day. We recommend our patients continue to take N-O as a daily supplement during and following Shockwave, EMsella, and PRP to promote artery vasodilation which relaxes the muscles in your blood vessels, allowing for healthy blood flow and healthy circulation.

  5. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (HRT). Our HRT typically entails inserting one or more small pellets of bioidentical hormones subcutaneously in your hip or upper buttocks area. Following the almost pain-free procedure, patients experience many benefits from improved sleep, mood, recovery from exercise, reduced aches and pains, and improved sexual function and libido. Our package price includes your first HRT treatment; subsequent treatments about every five months cost an additional $690. You can learn more about HRT at this link: HRT Pellet Therapy Benefits for Men
    The price for our recommended five-part package is $3,650. This includes your first month of N-O, your first HRT treatment, six EMsella treatments, three maintenance EMsella treatments, six Shockwave treatments, and three PRP injections.

    We also recommend three maintenance EMsella Chair treatments once every six months. The price for a package of three six-month maintenance treatments is $450 – you will likely want these the year following completion of the five-part package (Regenesis Male Tune-Up).

    As compared with our package price of $3,650, pricing for the components of our five-parts package (Regenesis Male Tune-Up) purchased individually would be over $7,000:
  • Six Shockwave treatments and three PRP injections: $2,700
  • Six Shockwave treatments: $950
  • Three PRP injections: $1,950
  • Six EMsella treatments: $1,350
  • Male Bioidentical Testosterone (Hormone Replacement Therapy): $690 - Male HRT pellets typically last five months.
  • Monthly Supply of Nitric Oxide Supplements: $72

If you would like to speak to one of our doctors, please call (256) 715-8193 to schedule a consultation. The consultation fee of $50 will be deducted from your cost of subsequent procedures.

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