What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the use of live stem cells to promote your body’s healing process for regrowth, repair, and regeneration. The therapy – known as regenerative medicine – depends on the metabolic activity of healthy cells. Metabolic activity is the phrase physicians and scientists use to describe the chain of chemical reactions that occur to maintain a living cell. These chemical reactions are essential to maintain life.

Since stem cell therapy relies on healthy, living cells for successful treatment, the best available option for use in stem cell therapy in the United States today is your own fresh, live bone marrow stem cells. Stem cells are a unique type of cells that initially form at conception and have the potential to become any other type of cell in your body.

Your bone marrow contains an entourage of adult stem cells including those known as mesenchymal stem cells that can divide into specialized cells of the musculoskeletal system. In the healing process, areas of inflammation, damage, or injury activate your body’s blood platelets to naturally release growth factors that attract and flood those areas with stem cells to promote healing. The stem cells can replace or repair damaged cells, reduce inflammation and assist in rebuilding your ligaments, tendons, cartilage, joint bones, or muscle.

Regenerative medicine using stem cell therapy harnesses the power of that natural healing process. Depending on the cause of your body’s inflammation, injury, or damage, stem cell therapy can focus your own capacity for cellular regrowth and repair. Comprehensive stem cell therapy includes finding an exact diagnosis, creating a treatment plan – often in cooperation with your personal medical provider, performing the cell therapy procedure, and following up with any required physical therapy.

Stem cell therapy at Regenesis is a non-surgical procedure that does not require general anesthesia or even a hospital visit. At your initial consult, Dr. Lee reviews your medical history, conducts a physical, and orders any additional scans to provide an exact diagnosis. Then we use that information to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, which could include cellular therapy.

The stem cell therapy procedure at Regenesis involves extracting your own bone marrow in a painless procedure, concentrating the cells from your bone marrow, and injecting or infusing your own healthy, live cells back into your body. We use fluoroscopy and ultrasound to guide precision injections into the location where your body most needs stem cells. The tissue infusion supports healing by mobilizing stem cells into areas that might not be reachable with direct injections.

Because stem cell therapy is noninvasive, patients return home the same day as the procedure, and their bodies have already begun the healing process using their own live healthy stem cells.

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Stem cell therapy is an excellent alternative to orthopedic surgery. It is much less invasive and has little to no recovery time. Contact us today to learn how Regenesis can help.

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Dr. Lee Explains Stem Cell Therapy