What Role Do Blood Platelets Play In The Healing Process?

Platelets, or thrombocytes, play an incredibly powerful role in your body’s natural healing process. These membrane-bound cell fragments break off thrombocytes in your bone marrow and circulate along with your red blood cells and white blood cells. Platelets are generally known to be necessary for forming clots that stop or prevent bleeding, but they have an even larger function that is perhaps less well known. Platelets also flood an injured, damaged, or inflamed area of your body with growth factors that recruit and stimulate your own stem cells to multiply and divide. Essentially, platelets amplify cellular repair and regeneration.

At Regenesis, we use platelet-rich plasma extracted from your own blood as part of our comprehensive approach to stem cell therapy. Depending on your exact diagnosis, which Dr. Charles Lee will determine before creating your comprehensive stem cell procedure plan, we may include platelet-rich plasma injections with your stem cell therapy or use platelet-rich plasma as a stand-alone treatment. The platelets are a powerful part of your treatment plan. Clinical studies have even demonstrated that platelet-rich plasma injections can improve healing and cell regrowth.

The regenerative medicine therapies at Regenesis Stem Cell Center are all meant to focus your body’s own healing process for regrowth and regeneration. These therapies depend on your cells’ metabolic activity or the chain of essential chemical reactions that keep a cell alive or break it down and replace it when necessary. Our platelet-rich plasma treatments converge with that cellular activity, activating your ability to renew and repair your own muscle, tissue, or even bone.

Your therapy using platelet-rich plasma begins with a visit to Regenesis. With our extensive expertise and experience, as well as our investment in image guidance and the latest laboratory technologies, we are able to collect a sample of your blood and concentrate platelets for immediate use. Platelet-rich plasma therapy at Regenesis Stem Cell Center is non-invasive and non-surgical. While we may use mild sedation or numbing blocks to make you comfortable, there is no recovery period after the procedure. Your body’s healing processes are immediately at work after your procedure.

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Stem cell therapy is an excellent alternative to orthopedic surgery. It is much less invasive and has little to no recovery time. Contact us today to learn how Regenesis can help you.

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