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Regenesis Face Lift, Powered By Renuvion

Enhance your appearance and look as much as 10-15 years younger. The lower face and jowls often give away our age. Book your appointment today. Call Regenesis at (256) 715-8193.

Regenesis Face Lift is our minimally invasive office procedure for those patients that need to lose a little extra fat and have tightening of the loose sagging skin of the lower face and jowls. Regenesis Renuvion Face Lift is an alternative to an expensive, traumatic traditional lower face lift surgery. It is often combined with our neck lift for an even more dramatic effect.

Regenesis Face Lift then uses Renuvion, a gentle radiofrequency (RF) waveform to convert helium, an inert gas, into a cold atmospheric J-Plasma. Helium is used because it can be converted to plasma with very little energy. The result is energy that’s unique in its ability to provide tissue heating and cooling almost simultaneously. The Lower face is treated and tightened with cold J-plasma deep from within. Our Face Lift patients also have the option of having the external skin of the entire face treated with the Renuvion J-Plasma. Recovery from the optional skin treatment is somewhat long at 2-3 weeks and greatly enhances the results.

Regenesis Face Lift offers a long-awaited alternative to more invasive procedures and provides dramatic results with lower risk and recovery time. Many patients just don’t need the full surgical face lift. Regenesis is for you.

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After more than 30 years as a multidisciplinary anesthesiologist, Dr. Charles Lee experienced firsthand the vulnerability people feel while undergoing any health related event or procedure. Regardless of whether it is having your first baby in your twenties, sidelining a potential cardiac event in your mid-forties or seeking relief from pain in your late sixties, any challenge to your health or stress on your body is a reminder of the inevitability of aging.

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At Regenesis, we’re led by what works. We only offer therapies that have successfully benefited many of our patients over and over again to relieve pain and get you back to life

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Real Stem Cells

Not all stem cells are created equal. Some businesses, even some in our area, claim to offer genuine stem cell therapy, while cutting corners and offering a substandard or even fake “stem cell treatment”. Discover what makes our specialized process superior

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Expertise Matters

After more than 30 years as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Charles Lee founded Regenesis with the intention to deliver the latest breakthroughs in specialized stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine to patients who experience pain and limited movement. Learn why dedication and experience matters to us

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Our process has delivered relief highly comparable to orthopedic surgery, but surgery can be expensive, invasive and put you out of commission for longer than you want

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