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Migraine Treatment

Millions of Americans experience migraines at some point in their lives, but only a minority is unlucky enough to experience chronic migraines that don’t respond well to the traditional types of treatment. For such patients, hope for relief is improving. Stem cell therapy for migraines may provide long-term relief for people with chronic, unrelieved migraines. One person might experience moderate pain, another excruciating agony; one person might have a migraine lasting a few hours, another a few weeks; one person might have migraines a couple times a year, another almost daily.

The fact is, even if pain is not a direct physical threat, it is always a serious medical concern. Anyone who has suffered from chronic migraines can attest to the dramatic effects the condition can have on your life, livelihood and mental health. Medical studies corroborate the fact that uncontrolled pain can cause issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia and poor immune response.

Recent research into the cause of these headaches has also lead to speculation that migraine stem cell based therapies might help in some cases. Stem cells are primitive cells that can undergo differentiation to form different types of cells in the body responsible for maintaining tissues, such as blood vessels, bone, cartilage, muscles, etc. These cells are responsible for healing damaged tissue by generating new healthy cells. However, with age, the body loses its ability to attract enough stem cells to the site of injury. In this regard, stem cell therapy delivers a high concentration of stem cells to the affected area to promote natural healing.

Stem cells are injected into specific muscles and neurovascular bundles surrounding the head, cervical region and upper back. In addition to injecting these specific areas, our protocol includes IV stem cell infusion at no extra cost. The inflamed areas strongly attract the circulating stem cells and enable us to help repair areas that are impossible to reach with the injections. There are early indications that our bone marrow stem cell procedure may be of benefit. The potential benefits include long-term remission from headaches and a reduction in severity or duration of the headaches.

Stem cell therapy is a simple outpatient procedure with little to no down time. Moreover, stem cell therapy is well tolerated in various patient populations. Several studies have demonstrated the benefit of such therapy in supporting natural healing after various types of vascular and connective tissue damage. Stem cell therapy can be a great alternative to the many migraine and headache treatments available and usually is reserved for chronic debilitating migraines.

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