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Dermal Fillers

Although dermal fillers and Botox are counterparts, they are not substitutes for each other. Botox relaxes muscle movement and most often softens recently formed “dynamic” wrinkles.

Over the years, however, the face loses its subcutaneous fat and the skin stretches, causing characteristic facial expressions to first “etch” and then “chisel” facial features into stationary lines and depressions. Exposure to the sun, scars, lifestyle and hereditary factors play a part as well. Dermal fillers, when injected into these areas, add volume to firmly established “age” lines and wrinkles most commonly found around the nose, mouth and chin.

Regenesis uses several popular and effective injectable dermal products, each some believe, better suited for specific indications in the face. Dermal fillers differ in longevity and have varying degrees of chemical make-up. For instance, soft fillers are most common for the lips while sturdier fillers are more desirable for enhancing the cheekbones.

Juvéderm Therapy®, Juvéderm Ultra®, & Ultra Plus®

  • Made from a colorless gel called hyaluronic acid, which is created naturally in the body, Juvéderm’s sponge-like absorbency stores water underneath the skin, giving the face a fuller, youthful appearance. Many patients prefer Juvéderm fillers for the lower face and lips.
  • Juvéderm Ultra is a slightly thicker solution for smoothing away fine lines, while Juvéderm® Ultra Plus is a thicker gel used to fill deeper furrows in the skin. Both options last for up to one year with a single treatment.

Facial Fat Transfer

For those people who maintain a healthy diet, low weight, and enjoy plenty of energy, they often experience a global loss of subcutaneous facial fat. The results are skeletonized features. The adequate restoration using dermal fillers is cost-prohibitive. The better alternative is facial fat transfer.

In a brief office visit, Dr. Lee will use syringe micro-lipo-extraction under infiltration anesthesia to remove 60 to 120 ccs of fat from another site on the body like the abdomen, hips or thighs. This fat transfer, reused as a filler, will reestablish a soft, youthful facial appearance that often lasts several years, with occasional touchups to prevent continued deflation over time.

Dermal Fillers Will Not Replace a Face Lift

Non-surgical rejuvenation treatments will not resolve all signs of advanced aging such as severe skin laxity, necessitating a facelift, brow lift or eye lift. However, appropriate use of volume enhancers such as fillers, facial fat transfer, Botulinum toxin, laser resurfacing and skin tightening may delay it by many years and help patients look younger and better. Dr. Lee has a working knowledge of many local plastic surgeons and may recommend the one he feels is right for you if the time comes.

Dermal fillers have not shown to be as effective on people who smoke.

Dr. Lee will advise you on your options based on what you wish to accomplish. Call him for a consultation appointment so you can be on your way to feeling better and looking better today!

Dermal fillers will not replace a full surgical plastic surgery; however, Regenesis offers a whole family of the newest, innovative and minimally invasive procedures that are perfectly suited for those who aren’t ready for expensive, invasive plastic surgery requiring general anesthesia. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

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