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Meet our highly-accredited, friendly staff who are ready to help you start your journey to regenerating, regaining, and restoring you into your best self

Meet our highly-trained, friendly staff who are ready to help you start your journey to regenerating, regaining, and restoring you into your best self.

After more than 30 years as a multidisciplinary anesthesiologist, Dr. Charles Lee experienced firsthand the vulnerability people feel while undergoing any health-related event or procedure. Regardless of whether it is having your first baby in your twenties, sidelining a potential cardiac event in your mid-forties or seeking relief from pain in your late sixties, any challenge to your health or stress on your body is a reminder of the inevitability of aging.

Over the years, however, Dr. Lee discovered that many of the procedures he oversaw were preventable. As many of his patients sought his advice on how to prevent, stop and in many cases reverse, further symptoms of aging such as sluggishness, weight gain, lines and wrinkles, chronic pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles. In 2007 Dr. Lee began researching and studying the fields of anti-aging & regenerative medicine, stem cell therapies and aesthetics.

In 2014, Dr. Lee combined three decades of medical experience in an intensive medical profession with seven years of anti-aging & regenerative medicine, stem cell therapies and aesthetics to create the customizable and highly personalized Regenesis Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell and Aesthetics Center.

Dr. Lee’s methods involve combining revolutionary new anti-aging, regenerative medicine and stem cell technology with minimally invasive aesthetic solutions such as: the Y-Lift (Liquid Face Lift), Renuvion Tummy Tuck, Renuvion Neck Lift and hormone balancing. Why aesthetics? Because after patients start feeling better, they wish to look better also!

By focusing on the whole body and treating the root cause of disease and early aging, Regenesis Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell and Aesthetics Center’s treatments can help slow down, and in many cases, reverse the effects of aging, enhance one’s best features and correct imperfections.

Regenesis Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell and Aesthetics Center offers a wide range of customizable options designed to optimize the “Wow-factor” that allows you to feel better and look better!

Dr. Charles Lee

Founder & CEO of Regenesis Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell and Aesthetics Center

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr. Charles Lee grew up in a family dedicated to improving education throughout the East Baton Rouge Parish public school system and as members of the Board of Education.

Medical Background

Beginning his pre-medical studies at Louisiana Tech University, he transferred prior to graduation with early acceptance into the LSU in New Orleans School of Medicine where he completed his medical doctorate, internship, and residency in Anesthesiology at LSU’s Charity Hospital and Veterans Hospital, the two teaching hospitals that were part of LSU’s Medical Center in New Orleans. The emphasis was on cardio-thoracic, pediatric, high-risk obstetric and neonatal anesthesia. Dr. Lee then spent a year in private practice at Terrebonne General Medical Center as a cardio-thoracic anesthesiologist before Cardio-Thoracic Anesthesia in Huntsville recruited him.

Interest Growing in Anti-aging & Aesthetics

Dr. Lee transitioned into outpatient anesthesia at The Surgery Center in Huntsville in 1992. Shortly thereafter, he opened a private practice at Huntsville Hospital and in 1995, served as founder and president of Comprehensive Anesthesiology Services. Thereafter, his passion for anti-aging and aesthetic medicine began. In 2007, he committed to studies with the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine (A4M).

After several years of research and foundational studies at A4RM, and the Aesthetic Anti-Aging Fellowship and The Ageless Institute in Miami, FL, Dr. Lee successfully passed both the written and oral exams in 2012 for his Anti-aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine certification, and began fellowship studies in Aesthetics and Stem Cells in 2013, where he expects final certifications in 2015.

The Birth of Regenesis

Regenesis Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell and Aesthetics Center came to life in August 2013. His mission is to offer the latest breakthroughs in all of the anti-aging, regenerative medicine, stem cells and aesthetic fields. Regenesis is the only practice of its kind, dedicated solely to these highly specialized fields, with a single focus on enriching patient’s lives by helping them feel better and look better.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Ageless Aesthetic Institute in Miami, FL
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • A4RM/MMI, Aesthetics
  • A4RM/MMI, Stem Cells
  • A4RM/MMI Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine
  • Interventional Orthopedic Foundation

Amanda Lucker


After spending 13 years working in a hospital setting, Amanda Lucker, RN switched her medical focus from a local neonatal and intensive care unit to complete health, wellness, preventative medicine, and aesthetics.

“I have learned that doctors are inundated and overloaded with patients who are already sick. So many of their illnesses could have been prevented with lifestyle changes and wellness measures that slow aging and even bypass the diseases we see every day,” she says. “My goal is to get back to the basics of not only helping patients get well, but teaching patients how to stay well.”

In 2012, Lucker joined a local cosmetic surgery practice where she was able to use her pre-operative as well as post-operative skills, and experience a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries, as well as see the progress made by relatively simple office procedures. As time passed however, advances in anti-aging medicine and less invasive approaches to aesthetics began tointrigue her.

She recently joined Dr. Lee at Regenesis because she is excited about Dr. Lee’s whole body wellness approach. “Dr. Lee’s programs correct what is wrong on the inside first. He doesn’t simply treat symptoms, he is determined to get to the source of the problem,” she says. “Once you address the inside, you can shift the focus to helping people look and feel better on the outside. It’s about maximizing the quality of life for our patients!”

You will see a lot of Amanda on your visits to Regenesis!

Lindsey Moore

Medical Assistant

Lindsey began her medical career in 2008 working in Nashville for a general, vascular and thoracic surgical practice with 11 physicians. This experience enabled her to function well in a fast paced environment where efficiency and communication is imperative. After 4 years, she made the Huntsville area her home and began work at a custom prosthetics practice. Family then became important, so she decided to take some time off to pursue being a full time mom. After her 2 girls were both school aged and she was ready to reenter the work force, she made Regenesis her home. We are so happy to have Lindsey on our team! She is full of a compassion that makes all of our patients comfortable immediately. We look forward to you meeting her at your next appointment.

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